人の感受性を刺激するような建築、気持ち良さを体感できる建築は人間の創造力を最大限 利用しなければ成立しないと考えています。クライアントの想像を超えて、価値を理解し共有しながら建築をつくる事が 建築家の職能だと考えています。しかし、建築は同時に社会の財産の一部です。どんな建築もコストの問題と無縁ではありません。そして、建設コストと価値の大きさをは必ずしも比例しません。当事務所は価値を創出しながら、最小限のコストによる設計を心がけることで、クライアントに最大限の付加価値を提供したいと考えています。





~1000万円未満 15%
1000万円以上 ~2000万円未満 13%
2000万円以上 ~3000万円未満 12%
3000万円以上 ~5000万円未満 10%
~5000万円以上  8%




基本設計 約3ヶ月から6ヶ月

実施設計 約6ヶ月

確認申請 約1ヶ月

見積調整と業者選定 約1ヶ月

工事着工から竣工引渡まで 約6ヶ月から1年(建築規模による)最初にお会いしてからだいたい1年半から2年くらいはかかるのが通常です。長い方では引渡までに3年以上かかる場合もあります。建築は他の製品とちがいスパンの長いモノなので、考える時間も作る時間も長い目で考えた方がより愛着をもって頂けると思っております。

We believe that architecture can experience architecture, such as stimulating the sensitivity of the human, the pleasantness is not true if you do not make the most of human creativity.We believe it is beyond the imagination of the client, to make the building while sharing to understand the value of professional’s architect.However, architecture is part of the property of the society at the same time. What kind of architecture does not have to be immune to problems of cost.And, it is not necessarily proportional to the magnitude of value and construction costs. Our firm believes that while creating value, and mindful design by the minimal cost, we want to provide the added value of maximum client.

Business content

we are a  design office of the modern architecture . We propose furniture

such as chairs be considered a entire in accordance with the architecture.
Please feel free to contact us so accepts the consultation, such as a variety
involved in the architecture or site to build a house.Construction area are
possible anywhere in the country.Transportation expenses will be required
separately, but I want much as possible along the requests.

About the design fee

How to determine the design fee by the ratio of construction costs against is
typical. In fact, we will determined in consultation with the client.


First of all, please feel free to contact us.
Please judge in conversation how it make you think architect.
Design concrete work it will be to pay, I have you contract request is determined,
to begin design work.

Basic design
6 months from about three months

Execution design
About 6 months

About 1 month check application

About 1 month vendor selection and adjustment estimates

Completion delivery from start of construction to (by the construction scale) one year from about 6 months

You always have a take about two years from roughly a year and a half after you meet first.
It may take three years or more to delivery in the longer.

Architecture is a long span of thing unlike other products,
the time to make the time to think
We think you should consider in the long run is able to have more attachment.