さらに中庭との関係において、その移り変わりや 空気感がダイレクトに感じられるよう各ディテールには気を配った。

location : 長野県長野市
site area : 258.58 ㎡
size : 143.89 ㎡
structure : Reinforced Concrete structure
構造設計 : 秋元 恵美 / Fit
施工 : オープンシステム

This site is located in the environment that leaves a peaceful landscape at the northern end of a green emerging residential area.A river flows to the north with a form extending in the north and south, and there was forest on the bank at the beginning of the project.
It goes down to the south with a gentle slope, and the mountains can be seen in the distance.It is a location condition that is blessed with nature and surrounded by greenery.While taking in those landscapes as much as possible, a private garden was requested, so we tried to control the comfort of the room by connecting with the surroundings by the composition of the court house.
In order to further strengthen sense of unity with the courtyard, we set up so that we could open all the fittings as much as possible by minimizing the walls standing on the garden side.Two large wooden fittings are on the east side with one piece on the south side, sliding in a unique movement, but even a woman can easily move it if you grab a knack.
Because the climate is very easy to spend in the intermediate period, if you do not even care about pests (screen door is retractable) living space like the edge spreads out. Thinking about the desirability that the surrounding scenery and line of sight are slightly better than the space that can not be totally conscious of the external environment that emphasizes privacy? I tried not to overly cover the courtyard. The living space emphasizes the length of the oblong proportion wall and garden by keeping the ceiling height a little.
In addition, in relation to the courtyard, careful attention was paid to each detail so that the change and feeling of air could be felt directly.
The stairway is self-supporting steel plate veneered.
The frame is solved by the wall structure of the RC construction, but it gives a sense of floating and lightness by partially reinforcing with a solid pillar of steel frame.
? Although the outer wall of the concrete is painted with insulation paint, trying another abstraction different from leaving it by bleaching while leaving a trace of leaving a little.
The texture of concrete and iron is also an important theme of this architecture.
The composition of the courtyard is not new, but it creates various spatialities and diversity depending on how it relates to the garden.
I believe this house is one of the attempts to expand its possibilities.

location : Nagano-city,Nagano,Japan
site area : 258.58 ㎡
size : 143.89 ㎡
structure : Reinforced Concrete structure
structural designer : Megumi Akimoto/Fit
construction company : Open system