SN-house_小さな部屋の集合体 木陰のやすらぎのある家

そして、樹木に守られた大事なリビング空間が 足元に広がっています。
2階建てよりも少し大きなボリュームを与えた空間に 様々な天井高さを持つ居室を立体的に組み合わせることで

location : 千葉県習志野市
site area : 117.24 ㎡
size : 79.21㎡
structure : Wood-flame + Steel-frame structure
構造設計:大岡 彰/エスフォルム構造設計事務所
施工:合田 吉郎/小川共立建設(株)

This house constitutes a space in the metaphor of the composition of the tree.
In the center of the house is a spiral staircase that reconstructed a thick trunk modernly, a wooden box sticking to each wall with its height on the wall is branches and leaves of trees. Is it?
And the important living space protected by trees spreads out to the feet.
By stereoscopically combining living rooms with various ceiling heights in a space given a slightly larger volume than two stories?
We planned a one-room space connected to borderless while keeping each distance feeling while being compact.
As a device to realize space, “helix” is incorporated.
From the approach to the staircase, the arrangement of the window, the helix house surrounding large and small helices.

location : Narashino-city,Chiba,Japan
site area : 117.24 ㎡
size : 79.21㎡
structure : Wood-flame + Steel-frame structure
structural designer:Oooka Akira / S-form structural design office
construction company :Ogawa kyouritsu-KENSETSU co.,ltd.