最初にこの住宅を訪れたときは分断された居室が狭い廊下で繋がれ、水回りはその機能を十分満たす事が 出来ないでいた。
フロア全体に手をつけるコスト的な余裕はなかったので 既存部分と緩やかにフィットさせる工夫も必要であった。
まず『Glass_wall』と『Light_tube』に関わる構造柱は鉄骨柱に入れ替える事で 存在感を弱めている。
空間確保のためにスパンが飛んでしまう梁には軽量鉄骨による補強をしたり新たに梁を 新設する事で強度を確保している。

location : 長野県千曲市
site area : – ㎡
size : 167.53 ㎡
structure : Wood-flame + Steel-frame structure

When I first visited this house, the divided rooms were connected by a narrow corridor, and the water surroundings could not fully satisfy its function.
The area of ​​the building itself is small enough to be effective.
Moreover, the light did not reach the important living room, and it was in a dim.
At that time the married couple’s mother lived alone, but still somehow functioning.
The couple stayed together there, and this project occurred.
Although it can be easily imagined to widen the living room in the renovation, how to solve it structurally was a problem.
Furthermore, I can not ignore the relationship with the Japanese style room.
Since there was no cost margin to put hands on the entire floor, it was also necessary to devise to gently fit the existing part.
The plan adopted in the end was a plan focusing on the interior of the living room on the first floor with little modification to the outside.
On the boundary with the living room at the same time as securing the one space of the living room, the Japanese room side is frosted glass, the corridor side is made of clear glass with an opening, it is a plan to set “Glass_wall” and “Light_tube”.
For these projects, these two elements were very important.
“Glass_wall” is just a glass wall, but it is a little distance from the outside window while it is at the border of the room
? It is in a position where it can capture and transmit various kinds of external light.
From the living room side, light from the Japanese style room and the corridor is guided, and to the Japanese room side it gently lights the light to be inserted from the living room.
By being conscious of the way of light as “Light_tube”, even the light of the entrance’s colonist is about to bring it into the living room.
In the structure, more than ten (not structurally important) pillars are pulled out, and further reinforcement is essential as it has criteria only for seismic performance at the past standards.
Firstly, structural columns related to “Glass_wall” and “Light_tube” are weakening their presence by replacing them with steel columns.
For beams where spans will fly to secure space, we reinforce with lightweight steel frame and secure new strength by newly establishing beams.
Furthermore, most of the first floor was subjected to seismic reinforcement by sticking structural plywood from the inside.
Immediately after the completion, it was a minor earthquake, but reinforcement seems to be functioning because there was not any problem.
Now the wind is blowing in “Light_tube”, creating a new “Wind_tube”.

location : Chikuma-city,Nagano,Japan
site area : – ㎡
size : 167.53 ㎡
structure : Wood-flame + Steel-frame structure
onstruction company :Kakumagumi co.,ltd.